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Protein Matters

These days protein and other food constituents are traded on the same bases as minerals and metal ores. Mined, extracted and refined for purpose. Protein, starch, oil and fibers can be extracted from cereals to be utilised in the manufacturing of high-end specialty foods and animal feeds. Each constituent offers value in the processing cycle be it for nutritional value, digestibility, texture and elasticity. 


It is for this reason that Ronin associates with the leading OEM manufacturers to provide instrumentation and solutions for wholegrain and milled product sample analysis.


Bruins Instruments is the name in cereal protein and constituent analysis. Bruins Instruments is the leading design and patent holder for various NIR and NIRT measurement techniques as well as optic and monochromator combinations. This combined with years of experience in cereal analysis and special sample presentation concepts makes a Bruins Instrument, the analytical instrument of choice.

Ronin System Solutions are a proud distributor of Bruins Instruments since 2004.




Wholegrain NIRT Analyser


The AgriCheck offers real value by combining whole grain analysis with bulk density measurements.

Instrument suited for Maize, Soya, Wheat, Barley and Rice



NIR & NIRT Analyser.


The AgriCheck Plus offers real versatility in a single instrument. Whole grains can be measured in reflectance (NIR) and transmittance (NIRT). The NIR measurement position allows whole grains and milled product analysis on top of the instrument with a rotating sample cell. Whole grains are typically measured on the NIRT (side) section of the AgriCheck which also includes bulk density measurement of the sample.

Instrument suited for Maize, Soya, Wheat, Barley and Rice (NIRT) and ground meals and flour, oil cake and ground sunflower on the NIR section of the instrument.

OmegAnalyzerG .png

OmegAnalyser G

NIRT Analyser.


The OmegAnalyser G is purposely built for grain intake facilities. Fast and accurate analysis are done for years on the Omeganalyser G.

Instrument suited for Maize, Soya, Wheat, Barley and Rice 

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